Developments in Iraq After United States Involvement Essay

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Ask anyone about the current issues in Iraq and you will hear a multitude of answers, questions, remarks, backlash, and support for our countries involvement. Sure some things could have been done better, some things could have been avoided completely, but when you talk to someone who has personally witnessed 184 women setting themselves on fire in protest to the way men are treating them you can’t help but admire the change today. With the help of US and various foreign countries, Iraq is rebuilding itself from the ground up, repairing itself from previous dictatorship. There are three major concerns in Iraq, political freedom (including freedom of religion), women’s rights, and better education. These issues are far from being resolved,…show more content…
In addition to encouraging women to take active political and social roles these communication tools also inform women about activities of the OWFI centers and shelters. The women’s shelters protect women from violence and provide a critically needed safe haven from some of the most heinous forms of gender-based violence known as honour killings. The shelters also provide strength and security to women on their path to building self esteem and empowerment. Women who leave the shelters often stay in close communication with OWFI and its centers and become volunteers and activists for women’s rights. "The women of Iraq's courage and resolve are hopeful examples to all who seek to restore Iraq's place among the world's greatest civilizations," Bush states in a July 9 message. The World Bank recently issued their largest grant in 30 years to the Iraqi Ministry of Education. This grant provides $40 million to print and distribute 72 million new textbooks for the 2004/2005 school year. There will be 600 titles available for the six million primary and secondary school children across Iraq. This generous grant from the World Bank is one more example of the international community pulling together to support a new Iraq. The U.S. Agency for International Development feels that renewing Iraq's educational system is vital because Iraqi youth will determine their country's future. All universities are open, 5.1 million Iraqi
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