Essay on Developments in Middle Childhood

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Children between the ages of 8-12 are defined as being within the developmental stage of middle childhood. At this age, the rapid development of previous stages has decreased and the physical changes within this period are slower and more defined. The refinement of gross and fine motor skills is a critical aspect of this stage as the delayed or retarded development can have significant impact on the areas of cognitive, social and emotional development. In order to ensure children are equipped with the correct knowledge and understanding of health, well being and healthy eating, the period of middle childhood is one in which these aspects are incorporated and failure to properly do so can result in long term ramifications and…show more content…
A study conducted in Iran based on this found an increase in motor efficiency and overall motor development when selected exercises were performed by the group. J.P. Piek, L. Dawson, L.M. Smith and N. Gasson (2008) found that children with poor motor proficiency are less likely to have active lifestyles and tend to prefer more sedentary activities (as cited in Asian Journal of Sport Medicine, 2011). As gross motor skills develop, fine motor skills such as writing, drawing, typing, cutting and small manipulations of objects and toys begin to be more refined. Drawings and writings of children in this stage is more advanced and detailed as it is supported by the physiological maturation and cognitive advances that are characteristic of middle childhood development (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010). The cognitive advances of this stage forms part of Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development. This stage theory is compiled of 4 specific stages that relate to the cognitive development of children. Middle Childhood build up to the third stage that is known as the Concrete Operations Stage. This stage is marked by the greater understanding of grouping and an increased ability to focus on more than one aspect of a stimulus (Marsh, 2010). Physical activity is crucial to children’s healthy growth and development. Encouraging and educating children on healthy eating habits and addressing the importance of
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