Deviance And Crime And Deviance

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DEVIANCE AND CRIME Deviance occurs when an individual commits something that disregards or breaks a social norm or folkway; deviant behaviors are considered criminal when it breaks more serious mores. These mores or laws, unlike norms or folkways, have more formal punishments and sanctions, such as fines or imprisonment. The purpose of these punishments or sanctions, according to Diana Kendalt (2017) in Sociology in Our Times, is to give retribution, make a general deterrence, incapacitation, or rehabilitation. In that order, it is to punish the offender fairly for a crime (eg. An eye for an eye, and the death penalty), make a punishment so undesirable that it prevents the act from being committed by other or the first offender, long…show more content…
Although I’ve stated before that I have distinct myself from some of my parent’s beliefs, I have not abandoned my Vietnamese culture altogether. If I did, I fear that because “both cultural discrepancy and parent-child conflict are present…” there would be a hypothetical “increase in levels of problem behaviors…” (Choi, Y., He, M., & Harachi, T. W., 2008); in other words, I would be involved in a lot of deviancy and getting myself in trouble. But even with cultural dissonance with my family and my culture, my bond with friends who view deviant acts as negative would have helped me sort out my own morals and avoid being a troublemaker. Crime seems to be very situational, and sometimes, very discriminate towards certain groups. For small crimes or misdemeanors, there seems to be a small margin of error for following through with laws. In my experiences, it was up to the police to use their discretion to determine what margin of error was allowed before they used sanctions. For instance, I once had a police officer flash their lights at me to turn my car lights on instead of pulling me over, but in another instance, my friend was pulled over for going 10 miles over the speed limit. As different rules as they may be, they are both equally laws on the road; we

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