Deviance And Crime

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Chapter 7 in our sociology book is about deviance, crime, and social control. This chapter was very interesting to me because it shows you how much violence is in our world that you do not really think about or hear about because it is overlooked. Everyone focuses on the big crimes, such as school shootings or terrorists acts, and overlook the victimless crimes and smaller things. This chapter also taught me a lot about deviance and made me form an opinion on whether it is a good or bad thing. Deviance is “a violation of social norms”. This means it is anything “out of the way” that does not go with the flow. In today’s time, deviance is almost becoming a social norm. Deviance can range from anything you believe in, act upon, or a…show more content…
White collar crime is not violent, but instead is done by persons of high power to steal money. This crime is acts of identity theft, embezzlement, and other sorts like this. Often times this crime is done by cheating a client or employee out of money. It happens very often but you do not really hear about it being done unless it happens to you. Corporate crimes are similar to white collar crimes. This type of crime is not violent or like a street crime. It is done by people higher in the system including companies. This crime can include “hurting” the public(money-wise). Other targets can be the environment and workers from the company. Cybercrime happens over the internet.
Cybercrime includes stealing by fraud and hacking into different things and stealing from it. Crimes online are becoming a bigger issue because there is so much new technology. Hacking is something that takes places every day.
Victimless crimes are the crimes you know about but do not hear about being reported and making big stories. These crimes consist of drug abuse, drunkenness, prostitution, gambling, and other crimes that break the law but the person involved doesn’t really consider themselves a “victim”. As previously stated, deviance is the factor behind crime. Deviance also has perspectives, though, and they are functions and dysfunctions. This is two more subjects I would like to discuss. Dysfunctions are the factors after a deviant act that is not

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