Deviance And Its Effect On Society

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Deviance is the behavior that goes against social norms, values and expectations of society. Norms are guidelines to almost all human activity which makes the subject Deviance very broad. In Society Deviance could be measured negative or positively; how people deal with deviance is all depended upon the society and how it is organized. What is considerate Deviant in one society may be accepted in others (Macionis). In certain countries such as Saudi Araba the woman are forced to wear an abaya, which is a cloak that covers their entire body. Choosing not to wear the Abaya would be considerate deviant behavior, whereas a woman who is not from Saudi araba does not have to wear one. All over the world people are committing crimes, violent crime or property crime. Most of the time the crime is not exposed because the people in the community do a good job of covering it up or even working together to prevent the crime from happening. A crime is something that may not be considered illegal but it may very well be shameful or wrong which makes a crime deviant. The Crime in Chicago is considered Deviance because it goes against the social norm and the values and expectations of the city (Macionis). The Crime goes against the social norm because over the past years crime rates has increased and this is not normal. Research has proven that every six hours in Chicago a murder takes place. The crimes go against the expectations of Chicago because Chicago is a great city with great
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