Deviance And Its Effects On Society And Influences Behaviors

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What is normal to you? Perhaps, you wake up at 6:30 in the morning. You go for a run, come home and get ready for a long day of work. In a deviant world waking up at twelve in the afternoon, cooking pancakes, eggs, and bacon, eating, leaving the kitchen a mess and going back to bed is acceptable. Deviance is the violation of norms or what people might consider ordinary. What some may consider deviant may not be considered deviant to others. Everyone is considered to be deviant because we all occasionally do things that aren’t normal. Some don’t even have to do anything; they might have an odd facial feature or they might have a visible birth mark; they could be in a wheel chair or have a physical or mental handicap. Sociologist Erving Goffman (1963) refers to this as a stigma which is a blemish that discredits a person’s claim to a “normal” identity. Deviance plays a role in our society and influences behaviors. Crime and their consequences, the way people dress, talk, and how a society functions are all outcomes of deviance. We as people, as human beings, depend tremendously on the things that are normal in our lives. These things become routine, predictable and for better words, our comfort zones. This all relates to our social order, which is a group’s usual and customary social arrangement. The People in these social arrangements depend on them and therefore base their lives. This is way deviance tends to stir up the pact, because deviance undermines the predicables,

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