Deviance : Deviance And Deviant Behavior

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Deviance is defined as any conducts that violate social norm, and those engage in deviant behavior are referred to as deviants. We must understand that deviance differs from crime. Those who engage in deviant behavior does not always violate a law, however committing a crime always involves violating a law. Crime can only be behavioral in nature, while deviance may involve unacceptable behaviors, and eccentric beliefs and mind-set. Deviance can be minor in nature (such as a traffic violation) to something major, such as murder. Deviance does not have to be a real behavior for it to be labeled deviant; however the label itself is what makes an individual deviant. People who are rich and hold more power have a great opportunity for labeling others as deviants. There are many behaviors today which are considered deviant, some of the more common ones include: stealing, cross-dressing and excessive drinking. Most crimes are measured as deviant because they go against informal norms in addition to breaking the law as a formal norm. Just recently the news media aired a story about a Georgia mother, Rachel Lehnardt, who was arrested for allegedly hosting a “naked Twister” party for her teenage daughter and her friends. Lehnardt was also accused of having sexual intercourse with two of the teenage boys, ages 16 and 18. During an Alcoholics Anonymous group session Lehnardt told her sponsor that she was “a sexual deviant and addicted to pornography (, para. 7).”
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