Deviance Essay

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Theories Of Devaince Presented In There Are No Children Here
The four theories of deviance are The Learning Theory, The Strain Theory, The Social-Bond Theory and the Labeling Theory. These theories alone can explain the reasoning behind someone’s deviant behavior. But, in There Are No Children Here we see all of these theories being demonstrated. This lets us have an understanding of exactly why we are seeing the deviant behavior that we are.

This learning theory is basically the idea that as you can be taught good behavior you could also be taught deviant behavior as well. Terence is taught to be deviant with drug sales. He is exposed to this early in life. This falls into the priority of the learning theory. Charles took Terence
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When LaJoe first came to projects she had hope. The building looked dazzling and she had hope for her future but as time went on, “the confidence of her youth had left her.” (Kotlowitz pg. 10) Living in the projects LaJoe slowly realized that she was not going to escape or reach the goal of wealth and success. This drains her of hope not only for her but her children. As much as she wants to leave she can’t, “ LaJoe began privately to entertain the idea of leaving, of running away with her five youngest . . . But she had nowhere to go. She couldn’t afford the rents outside the public housing.” (Kotlowitz pg.235) So she goes through her everyday motions drained of any hope for her future and her kids. She did not commit crimes but she was deviant in the Strain Theory and became a ritualist. The Social-Bond Theory suggests that deviant behavior is caused by the lack of attachment, commitment, involvement, and believes. If these are not present than deviant behavior occurs because, “there is nothing to lose.” (Lycan, Lecture 10) Attachment in the Social-Bond Theory “refers to the relationships with other people” (Lycan, Lecture 10) this is nonexistent in Hornets. In the book it says that, “residents also felt so disconnected from one another; there was little sense of community at Horner, and there was even less trust” (Kotliwitz pg. 13) Without this attachment of a solid community people have no fear of letting their community down with their
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