Deviance In Sport

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Deviance in Sport In every group of people, there are generally behaviors that are acceptable and others that are not. While we are all taught to except differences, we certainly only do so within particular limits and boundaries. This holds true for people participating in sports as well. It is not uncommon to see teammates, particularly males playing basketball, baseball and football, slap each other on the butt as affirmation of a good play. Since that is behavior we are all accustomed to seeing, it does not strike us as odd in that context. What if some player demonstrated a different behavior though? What if, as Yadier Molina headed back to home plate, he gave the pitcher a kiss on the cheek? What would happen? Clearly, I am not a star with Yadi's magnitude, but I do run with a group of very accomplished runners every Wednesday night to do…show more content…
It is well understood that running against traffic is considered safer than running with the flow of traffic. Reason being, of course, so runners can see oncoming traffic and jump out of the way in the event a driver is not paying attention. This seems perfectly logical. However, let's consider the location we use to run our hill repeats. Since not just any little incline will satisfy us, we use a monster of a hill, out in the country. There is very little traffic. It is not like running in town with a steady stream of cars and the constant sound of the traffic in your ears. On the hill, if a car comes, you can easily see it and hear it. Yet, these very reasonable runners, were certain this was not a safe idea, and they expressed concerns about being hit by a car. In my opinion, their concerns were not particularly logical, but since that particular norm, was central in their minds to staying safe, it was difficult for them to adjust and run on the "wrong" side of the road. Does following the norms in our society limit our ability to come to reasonable conclusions on our
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