Deviance In Us Society : Gender Roles And Stereotypes

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Deviance in US Society: Gender Roles and Stereotypes On October 6, 2017, I woke up and for an hour I thought about what social norm I was going to challenge for this assignment. After giving it careful thought, I decided I was going to challenge the gender roles, identity, and stereotypes that society has. “Gender roles are sets of behavioral norms assumed to accompany one’s status as male or female.” (Conley, 2017, p.133) I was going to challenge this with my clothing. So, I decided I was going to dress up like a man for the whole day. Gender roles are cultural and personal. They determine and control how males and females should think, speak, dress, and interact within the context of society. In the United States, these gender roles are…show more content…
Even my mother who I would say is more westernized or Americanized than most African Nigerian mother still had a negative reaction to my clothes. She continued to ask questions regarding my clothing. Eventually I gave up and explained to her that it was for a school assignment. The relief on her face. She advised me to pick another social norm to challenge and said it was weird seeing me “dressed like a lesbian.”
After few hours staying home afraid to go outside dressed like a man, I decided that I was going to pick my brother up from school, since I had nowhere else to go, and it would give me a chance to wear my clothes out in public. After arriving at my brother’s high school, I had to get down from the car and enter his school in other to look for him since I did not inform him I was coming to pick him up from his after-school SAT tutoring. Immediately I walked into the school I had people especially students and their parents stare at me and whisper as I passed by. I distinctively, with no mistake heard some kids say the words “dyke” and “lesbo”. Upon arriving at the receptionist’s office, a young lady approached me with a very confused look, probably not sure what to call me. She said, “how can I help you ma’am?” like she was asking a question. I explained to her that I was picking up my brother from SAT tutoring and she phoned the classroom and informed me that my brother will be out shortly. Even my
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