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The Objective/Subjective Dichotomy Objectivism: Deviance as an Act The assumption that there is something inherent in a person, behavior or characteristic that is necessarily deviant Statistical Rarity If a behavior or characteristic is not typical, it is deviant. Harm If an action causes harm, then it is deviant. Folkways: If you violate these norms you may be considered odd, rude or a troublemaker Mores: Those standards that are often seen as the foundation of morality in a culture Consensual view: The law is perceived as arising out of social consensus and is then equally applied to all Conflict view: Perceive the law as a tool used by the ruling class to serve its own interests. They believe that the law is…show more content…
Societal tensions can be reduced when there is some sort of scapegoat that can be blamed for a social problem 2. Individuals engage in small acts of minor deviance that act as a safety valve and let off some steam Parsons and Smelser suggest that letting off steam through minor acts of deviance activates social processes that return deviant actors to their acceptable roles in society - Socialization, profit, persuasion and coercion Durkheim noted that suicide rates were here in more individualistic communities – less social integration and lower levels of moral regulation… Mechanical solidarity (before industrialization) – a society that is bonded together by likeness or by a collective commitment to conformity Organic solidarity (with industrialization) – society was bonded together by difference or interdependence Social integration and moral regulation have the potential to keep deviance at a functional level Merton’s Anomie and Strain Theories: The (North) American Dream Gone Awry Merton suggested that deviance originates not only from the individual, but also from the structure of society Merton said that in North America, the goals we are to aspire to include wealth, status/power, and prestige -Society is structured in a way that gives benefit to or rewards those who have
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