Essay Deviance: Sociology and Strain Theory

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“Deviance in sociological context describes actions or behaviors that violate cultural norms including formally-enacted rules (e.g., crime) as well as informal violations of social norms.” People consider an act to be a deviance act because of the three sociological theories: control theory, labeling theory and strain theory. It deeply reflected in the movie called "Menace II Society". Control theory. Portrayed in this movie, there are 2 control systems working against our motivations to deviate. Inner controls (things inside you that stop you from deviating- morals, religious beliefs, conscience). O-Dog consistently goes to kill some guys with Caine, but Caine doesn’t intend to kill anyone, just to scare them. Caine says “ I never…show more content…
I guess, in the end, it all catches up with you. My grandpa asked me one time if I care whether I live or die. Yeah, I do. And now it's too late." If he had stronger and good bonding with his grandfather who he describes him as “a biblical man” he would have been able to control himself. And wouldn’t have end up dead. Labeling theory. The labels that people are given affect their own and others’ perceptions of them, leading to conformity or deviance (labels can be good or bad)Most people resist the negative labels others try to give us, however, if we hear that we a thug long enough, we may finally accept that label and start living as a thug. Black race is the most stereotyped out of many races. Due to being consistently stereotyped they really become who they are being stereotyped as. In the starting of this movie The Korean storekeeper and his wife watch them suspiciously, and O-Dog rails against them. As O-Dog is finished paying and is about to leave the store with Caine, the shopkeeper tells, "I feel sorry for your mother." O-Dog takes offense and shoots the Korean storekeeper and his wife, taking the video surveillance tape of the shooting before he and Caine flee. O-Dog keeps the tape and entertains his friends by showing it to them, and there is talk of a copy being made for others in the neighborhood to watch. Also Caine and Sharif are beaten by
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