Deviance, The Opposite Of Conforming Norms And Norms

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Sociology assignment #11 Madison Marquardt Deviance is the opposite of conforming to norms in society. They are different levels of conforming. Norms can be found through means or goals, but however you do this you can describe it as a specific level of deviance or lack thereof. One way you could look at deviance is innovation. My innovation has caused me to go about means differently than others. I take summer dual credit and the maximum dual credit I can take anytime so that I can accomplish my goal: cheaper under-graduation and early admission into law school someday. This is going about means differently than others in society, but I have a common conformity goal. Innovators can be seen negatively. In an example from page 181, one might consider embezzling an employer to accomplish goals. This different approach is seen as taking different means. I enjoyed learning about the labeling theory the most because it applies to my deep interest in this field of criminal justice. Rehabilitative structures blame labeling in society for a lot of the crime problems we see. “The label of deviant is powerful,” from page 187, can be proven in lots of different instances. One instance of this is the labeling of sex offender’s homes and automobiles. This study I learned about not only covers the psychological effects of deviant labeling, but also physical labeling and how that effects the crime rate. The results came in that sex offenders with these deep labels lived miserably and
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