Deviance : What Is Deviance?

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What is Deviance?
Sociologists have discussed topics that affect our society for a long time. It follows that scholars in the field can gain knowledge by reviewing previous publications on different subjects. One topic that interests sociologists is deviance. This owes to the reality those scholars such as Stuber et al., (2008) and Andersen et al., (2008) made publications on the topic in question. What is deviance? The term deviance identifies an unacceptable or odd behavior within a society. The term is also used in sociology to connote any violation of societal norms. It is notable that every society has identified standards for deviance. For instance, Hindus believe that a cow is a holy animal and cannot be killed. On the contrary, Christians kill cattle for food. It follows that deviant behavior varies depending on different societies. This paper explains the meaning of deviance by focusing on the definition of deviance to help sociologists appreciate its nature, causes, and effects.
The Nature of Deviance According to Stuart (106), deviance behavior always attracts attention from members of the society. In fact, the media always exaggerates the attention especially when it involves celebrities. It is also notable that deviance may be categorized as positive or negative deviances, which are exact opposites of each other. For further explanation, negative deviance occurs when a deviant member of the society fails to meet the norms. It is critical that…

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