Essay about Deviance and Organized Crime

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Deviance is a violation of social norms, behavioral codes or prescriptions, which guide people into actions and self-presentations conforming to social acceptability. There are many forms of deviance. Among the many forms of deviance, organized crime stands out in many aspects of society. Organized crime has been around for many years in America and for centuries in Europe. It is distinguished by its durability over time, expansive interests, hierarchical structure, buildup of profit, investment of profit, access to political protection, and the use of violence as an end to particular means. Organized crime is able to thrive throughout the world by supplying, or appearing to supply, services that the lawful economy is unable to …show more content…
Dishonesty becomes a way of life as members of organized crime syndicates often appear to hold regular jobs or to run fake businesses, or fronts, so that they can justify their income when tax season rolls around. They must lie to their family and friends consistently to avoid suspicion. This pattern of dishonesty in the home inevitably leads to a breakdown of the traditional family system. The traditional role of the patriarch of the family is just not being fulfilled when the husband is not with the family at night. This pattern of behavior inevitably leads to infidelity and a total collapse in the family system.
These behaviors leave a very negative impression on the children of these families. With these men as role models, old-fashioned views of working hard and leading an honest life are completely devalued. These children usually have a difficult time adjusting to more socially acceptable ways of life. With such poor role modeling going on at home this is easy to understand.
All of these points illustrate how organized crime violates social norms and the impact on families directly involved, but in the study of organized crime the impact is not only felt on that level but on a much broader societal level as well.
The economic impact of organized crime is staggering. “… a look at the economic impact alone gives a glimpse of the importance of this issue. The

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