Essay on Deviance and Social Control

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The concepts 'Social Control' and 'Deviance' have more than one definition to me, my understandings of these terms are that they try to group, control and define different kinds of anti-social behaviour. In this essay I will be reflecting on how certain topics have deviant labels attached to them as a result of social control. I will be explaining my initial understanding and views of these topics, going on to explain how they may have been changed, challenged or reinforced after attending lectures and using the sources available to me to expand my knowledge. Also, I will be using evidence from texts I have read to support these views and considering how these contribute to the inner-relationship between 'deviance' and social control. The…show more content…
This understanding has been reinforced but I now understand that social control lays much more emphasis on the behaviour of individuals in the society it controls. The knowledge I had on deviance was slightly mixed, as before this module I was unsure whether deviance and crime were related. I knew that crime is the act of disobeying the law, and I did not see that socially deviant behaviour should be classified as a criminal act. I believed deviance was more so directed to behaviour that is not socially accepted or follows social norms. For example, I think the act of being as part of a 'gang' is socially deviant behaviour but until a person within a gang has disobeyed the law and committed a crime, they are not a criminal. I believe social control has a very big influence on what society views as 'deviant' especially with teenage mothers. My view on teenage mothers was one that was slightly biased. Being twenty one, I have many friends a few years older and around the same age as myself who have children that were conceived and/or born whilst the mother was in her teens. After seeing first-hand what a great job they do, shaped my opinion that it should not matter what age you are when you have a child as long as that child is loved and cared for. Women should not be stigmatised, defined or judged upon the age they become parents. I do however believe that it is not a wise choice, and do not encourage it, because although teenage mothers may give their children all

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