Essay on Deviance and Society

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Determining Deviance The dictionary defines deviance as the breakdown or diversion from the accepted norm or expected standards of behaviour of a society. The concept of deviance however has no standard definition, it is deemed to be culturally relative. That is to say that your culture (norms, values and morals) determine what you as an individual or your society deems deviant behaviour. Functionalist Findings on Deviance The functionalist sociologist would see deviance as a necessary evil for society to function. This may seem contradictory to their belief that any form of conflict (deviance being a form of conflict) in society would be considered abnormal and should be removed or…show more content…
This theory can be seen as a form of relativism theory because the criteria for judgement varies form individual to individual and also from time and from circumstances. It is my opinion that this labelling is mostly prevalent in countries with mixed and populations like North America where the groups would be big enough to make this classification even though it can and does happen in counties with smaller populations. Racial profiling is a type of labelling that is used by law enforcement officers in North America, this type of labelling is used in the apprehension of non-Caucasian criminals, racial profilers make a pre-judgement that certain races are responsible for deviant or criminal activity and any action they perform that is a diversion of the normal behaviour is considered deviant behaviour regardless of the situation or circumstances, so if a crime is committed in a district automatically the search for the suspect is narrowed down to someone of a no-Caucasian race typically blacks. Police departments in America have denied using racial profiling as a method of apprehending criminals and have dismissed it as a myth. Marxist Mentality on Deviance From reading the theories of the Marxist I have concluded that deviance for their point of view would be the result of the working class of society reacting to the
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