Deviant Behavior Essay

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Just about everyone has done something that someone else disapproves of. In fact, almost all of us have done something we ourselves have reservations or second thoughts about. Perhaps we’ve stolen something, or told a lie, or gossiped about another person in an especially nasty way. Maybe on occasion we’ve gotten drunk, of high, or driven too fast, or recklessly. Have we ever worn clothes that someone else thought was out of style, offensive, or ugly? Have we belched at the dinner table, or did we ever break pick our nose in public? Maybe we failed to show up for an important class or read a crucial assignment, or permitted our eyes to wonder onto a neighbor’s answers during an exam. Do we
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Those are the traditional theories of deviance. The modern theories of deviance are the following; Labeling theory: Relatively powerful persons are more likely to label the less powerful as deviant than vice versa, and being labeled deviant by society leads people to see themselves as deviant and live up to this self image by engaging in more deviancy. Phenomenological theory: Looking into peoples’ subjective interpretation of their own experiences is a key to understanding their deviant behavior. Another modern theory is the Conflict theory: involves different areas like legal reality, social reality, marxist, feminist and power. All of these theories’s put together make up my personal theory of deviant behavior. I think that each one of them is correct, just not alone. There could be many causes of deviant behavior, it could be the environment, the way people treat you, the names people call you, it can be a learned behavior, and you can learn form observing people. That’s what I think that causes deviant behavior; it can be something out of the norm, but the “norm” can very with each individual so there really isn’t a right or wrong answer to the causes of deviant behavior.
The origin of deviant behavior can go way back to the time Adam and Eve sinned. These two individuals had everything they could have thought of, they had no worries, no pain, no bills, no suffering, and no obstacles what so ever in
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