Deviant Behavior in the Movie, Training Day

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The movie Training Day has a lot of deviant behavior in it. In this movie it is difficult to determine who is and what is deviant. Deviant behavior is acceptable in certain situations. Even though, Alonzo and Jake are police officers they participated in deviant behavior. Jake and Alonzo partook in doing coke in the car while, parked in the middle of a busy intersection. They were also drinking while on the job. In any other profession or situation the police would have been called and they would have been arrested.
However, since they are police officers they control who will and who will not be arrested. For example, the three teenagers that bought coke were scared but not arrested. This happened again with two men tried to rape a teenage girl were also, not arrested. However, they were beaten. They also searched a house without a search warrant. These are examples as to how deviant acts vary by place, individuals and the context of the behavior. The laws in the movie are made by three wealthy White men. In the movie they were referred to the Three Wise Men. The Three Wise men had high positions in the city which gave them regulation ability. By these men status it can by hypothesized that they did not live in the same zone as Alonzo. The Three Wise men most likely lived in Zone 4 which is also called the Residential Zone. The Residential Zone is where white collared and professionals live. Alonzo’s neighborhood would be Zone 2 which is called Zone in Transition.
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