Deviant Work Place Behaviour

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INTRODUCTION Workplace issues remains important in organizational behavior research because of their impact on employees and organization. One of the important workplace issues that receive less attention among organizational scholars is workplace deviant behavior. The concept of workplace deviance in recent years has generated high interest among organizational researchers and practitioners because of its pervasiveness in organizations. Some forms of workplace deviance includes absenteeism, abusing sick day privileges, abusing drugs and alcohol, filing fake accident claims, sabotaging, breaking organizations’ rules, withholding effort, stealing, taking long breaks, working slowly, harassing other employees and hiding…show more content…
Work place behavior has its own significance in organization. Whatever the company or business sector, positive Workplaces are built on successful people-to-people relationships. This relationship sets the tone and impacts the workplace. The workplace environment drives employees; those people, who ultimately, drive the business. Given the close proximity of people in the workplace, technology and its influence on our time, the global business culture, and the on-going social and networking interactions. We can easily forget about the importance of the developing and maintaining the people-to-people relationships. But Etiquette has always been an important part of has become more important now due to fact that business is becoming more global and attitude of the person reflects his behavior. So maintaining good workplace behavior is important for the people in any organization. DEVIANT WORKPLACE BEHAVIOR Deviant workplace behavior is defined as “voluntary behavior that violates significant organizational norms and in so doing threatens the well-being of an organization, its members, or both. It is also called as anti-social behavior or workplace incivility. “Business ethics is rules, standards, codes, or principles which provide guidelines for morally right behavior and truthfulness in specific situations.” In the workplace many people come together and express different behaviors. Each of these
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