Device Information For Parents : Henry County Public Schools

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Device Information for Parents Henry County Public Schools is providing students in grades 3-8 with a Device or students in Warrior Tech and Bengal Tech with a MacBook Air (“Device”) along with a charger, cable, protective case, or other accessories (“Accessory”) for use at school and in the home. The parent or guardian and the student shall be responsible for maintaining the Device in good working order. The Device initiative is a privilege for all students in grades three through eight. All policies and procedures within this document and within the Student Code of Conduct student manual apply to all students using Henry County Public school’s Device. Receiving and returning the Device The Devices remain the property of HCPS and is loaned to the student for the duration of the school year. Students in third grade will keep the same Device and case through the fifth grade. Students in sixth grade will keep the same Device and case through eighth grade. The students in Bengal Tech and Warrior Tech will keep the same Device and Accessory through the 12th grade. All Devices must be returned to HCPS at the end of the school year. Failure to return the Device will result in charges to the parent. Care of the Device and Accessory Students and guardians are responsible for the safe keeping of the Device. • The Device is to be treated as a valuable tool. The Device should never be left unattended at school or in a public place, or in an unlocked car where it can be easily
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