Device That Can Be Thought As A Gun

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device that can be thought as a gun. The second screen has a surface that can record or detect any wave or particle that manages to pass through the slits and strike the screen. As will be seen, sometime the researcher will open just one slit and other times both slits. The experiment is conducted in stages in order to contrast waves from particles.

In the first stage a series of bullets (particles) will be fired toward the barrier with one slit open. As expected a vertical pattern of bullet holes will appear behind slit 1. After opening the second slit and firing another volley, a second vertical pattern will appear right next to the first one. In other words the bullets behave just like particles in accordance with classical physics as would be expected.

In stage two a monochromatic light (light with just one wavelength) will be emitted toward the screen. This is in contrast to the light from a normal light bulb that is composed of many differing wavelengths (making it difficult to observe the interference pattern). The second screen is coated with a chemical that illuminates when impacted by light. When the monochromatic light is emitted with only one slit open, a pattern of brightness appears just behind the slit. But with both slits open an interference pattern is observed consisting of bright bands where constructive interference occurred and dark bands where destructive interference occurred. Again, this is just what is expected.

In the third stage
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