Devices For Test Suite Generation And Minimization

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Chapter 3 RELATED WORK RELATED WORK: There are numerous techniques for Test Suite generation and minimization in the literature; the techniques proposed in recent literature are listed below. 3.1 Test Suite Generation Techniques Techniques and algorithms proposed in recent literature for Test Suite generation are as follows. 3.1.1 Pacheco et al (2007) In this work the researcher describes an automated unit test case generator called Randoop. Randoop uses a technique that is inspired by random testing which is based on execution feedback. Feedback is gathered by executing the test inputs at the time of creation. The tests generated are unit tests. RANDOOP [4] creates method sequences incrementally, by randomly selecting a…show more content…
The technique seeks to use test inputs of such a kind so that the collateral coverage is maximized along with the targeted branch coverage. In this the total number of test cases required to fulfill the coverage criteria is reduced. Limitations: The proposed algorithms are unable to handle infeasible branches. 3.1.3 Ribeiro et al (2008) The focus of the researcher in this paper is to employ genetic algorithms to generate unit tests for the SUT, which is an object oriented java program. Strongly typed genetic programming is used to evolve the test cases The results are traced using instrumentation, the objects atre instrumented to track the traversal of the SUT by the generated test data. The search process gives priority to the test cases that traverse the problematic areas of the code and the control flow graph. Test objects’ java Bytecode is used to perform instrumentation and static analysis of the system [6]. Imporatant contributions consist of the
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