Devil Wears Prada Essay

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The Devil Wears Prada is a 2006 comedy-drama film based on Lauren Weisberger’s 2003 novel of the same name. It is a tale that revolves around Andrea Sachs who is an aspiring journalist fresh out of Northwestern University but yet lands a job that “a million girl would die for” as in the second assistant to an editor in chief of Runway Magazine, Miranda Priestly. Andrea (Andy) decides that she would put up with Miranda’s bizzare and humiliating treatment for a year in hopes of getting a job as a reporter or writer in The New Yorker. Despite her ridicule shallowness of fashion sense, Andy manages to learn a lot about being responsible for her job and begins to dress more stylishly to show her effort and commitment to the position. However so, through out this movie, we could see…show more content…
The bullying scenes that monopoly this whole movie shows how bad the relationship between the coworkers between fashion worshiper if you could not fit in. Despite the fact that every person have different interest and “I’m not like the other girls”statement, these fashion worshiper will still saying that you haven’t make any effort if you not dressed like them. “So just quit.” Nigel once said in his scene when Andy miserably meeting him after being thrown out by Miranda’s searing words stating how dissapointed she is with her. “You’re not trying, you’re whining.”, “And you want to know why she hadn’t kiss you on the forehead?” are another dialogue between Andy and Nigel that makes Andy seems like she hadn’t done any effort to be in the field when we could see that she’s trying really hard to achieve Miranda’s impossible requests. These words of resentment are actually one of bullying styles that one’s ever develop to emotionally beaten someone else, forcing them to quit. Amazingly, Andy
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