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Devil Wears Prada

“Devil Wears Prada” is a story of a protagonist, Andrea Sachs and her occupational journey of trying to balance her profession and her social life. Andrea or known as Andy, has graduated and is hoping for a job as a journalist. Despite her dreams of becoming a journalist she receives a job at a fashion magazine known as Runway magazine as an assistant for Miranda Priestly. Throughout the movie, Andy had to balance her social life and her career pursuit where Miranda had given her many problematic tasks that Andy had to complete. In the workplace, there will be a wide variety of instances where you will work hard to complete a task, without receiving any recognition. Three instances where Andy completed a difficult task
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The task of attaining the manuscript was the breaking point of Andy’s workplace, however as she received the manuscript Andy felt relieved. After getting the manuscript, Miranda was astonished and started to show Andy respect. After the completion of this task, Andy had responded in a respectful manner as she answered Miranda’s questions about the manuscript. This was quite humble of Andy as she achieved an impossible task and still spoke to Miranda in a kind demeanor. If I was in Andy’s shoes I would not do things differently as Miranda is her boss and is willing to fire Andy. Considering this, I would respond to Miranda in the same way Andy did as her job is on stake. It is evident that this task was difficult and a burden for Andy.

Another instance where Andy had to complete a difficult task was memorizing a protracted list of names for the fashion extravaganza. They had to tell the names of the guests to Miranda as they approached her. This task was difficult as she had to memorize all these names by midnight. In one instance, Andy saved Emily as she forgot the name of one of the guests and Andy whispered the name into Miranda’s ear. Miranda’s reaction of this was slightly thankful however mostly neutral. Emily had a different reaction and was impressed at Andy’s work. Andy responded with a slight nudge and smiled as Emily thanked her. I agree with how Andy responded as she didn’t celebrate that she did something correct and was quite

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