Devil and Tom Walker Modernized Essay

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Name Class Period Date Devil and Tom Walker (Modern Revision) Tom Walker sat at his bedside feeling rather melancholy for he had not much to do but be chided at by his notorious witch of a wife. They both lived in their humble abode of an apartment in the middle of a city but they had a sublime view that overlooked the scenery of the domicile's dumpsters. They lived poorly, just barely getting by to afford a couple gallons of gas. Tom grew a hatred for almost everyone around and had only a handful of “friends”, he believed that money was the most valuable and important thing in his life. As the night grew old, Tom decided to head to the bank for respite from his wife and cash in his paycheck so he got into his old, rusted,…show more content…
She was never heard of by anyone after she stepped foot out of the door and Tom’s face grew a smirk. Alas, with the money bestowed upon Tom by the devil, he became a broken and gave out myriads of loans while charging interesting on everything. He caused many people to foreclose, draining money from his customers like a sponge. Tom was finally happy for the first time in his life. However, on one day filled of discord at the workplace, Tom blew a fuse while arguing with customers. Tom yelled blatant and angrily, “May the devil take me if I’ve made even a penny of you people!” Suddenly, there were 3 heartbreaking knocks on the door and a black silhouette of man slowly walks in. Tom, in a panic, reaches for his Bible that is within his desk but freezes in place as the devil had already grabbed his shoulder. He turned around to see the devil in front of him, curved black horns were emerged from his head and his eyes were fiery. “Today is your resignation day, Tom” the devil said with a deep and ominous voice. He forced Tom out of the shop and into his black Rolls Royce with an all red interior. Tom’s belongings all turned to soot after the devil’s car drove out of sight. Tom was never to be heard of

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