Devil on the Cross Essay

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Devil on the Cross was written by Ngugi while he was imprisoned. He was held without trail by a government that tried to silence him. The out come was a book that was "One of the century's greatest novels" by the Tribune. In the following passages I plan to explain the meaning of four characters that are affected by capital class. The speaker of the passage "She sat down on a box…" is the gorgeous protagonist; Jacinta Wariinga. Jacinta Wariinga is a young beautiful black woman who easily stops "men in their tracks." She is like Thanksgiving dinner, a feast for the eyes. Jacinta moves with grace when she is without self-conscious. Underneath all her beauty, she is a suicidal person who hates her blackness. Jacinta truly hates her…show more content…
He is a trickster, a con artist, in today's society Robin Mwaura would is considered a rapper, a great one at that. Mwaura would be an excellent rapper because he would appeal to the masses with his lies of riches and fame. There would be "no song that [he] wouldn't [sing]." Take new main stream rap artist 50 cent. He was considered the king of underground rap. Now by his own people that voted him the king of underground, he is despised by them. His titled stripped away and called a sellout by his once loyal fans. Where his raps were once about stealing from the rich rappers and giving to the poor, the oppressor, the injustice system that holds the little person back, now raps about the cars, sex, drugs and money. He has bit off more then he can chew because he has added himself to the list of rich rappers. Just like the once fans of 50 cent, Nugui feels that the modern trickster is a worthless character and is only about manipulation. The problem of art is that on the surface it is a lie. A false artist like Mwaura uses art to cover up the truth. Robin Mwaura is a catharsis. He feels free of all repressed emotions because he sides with the cause, if the cause "bends, [he] bends with it…if it grows; [he] grows with it." Educationally Mwaura is not very intelligent. The trickster character which he plays is a character that comes out of
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