Devil's Diciples Motorcycle Gang

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Devil’s Diciples Motorcycle Club, with “disciples” intentionally misspelled, is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan with chapters across the United States. It is a violent biker gang with around 250 patched members throughout the country; approximately 60 patched members being in Michigan alone. They prefer to keep their numbers small, making it easier to control them politically. The gang was established in 1967 in Southern California by 12 misfit, mostly Vietnam veterans who all had an interest in motorcycles, making money however they could, and not wanting to conform to mainstream America. A power struggle among the members resulted in the kicking out of one of the leaders, who, without permission, started his own Devil’s Diciples…show more content…
The symbol of the Devil’s Diciples is a red, white, and blue patch, and is full of symbolism. There is a wheel with 12 spokes for the original 12 members and two crossed pitchforks for power. “If you have two Devil’s Diciples, you have power,” according to Wadds. There is a patch on the right shoulder that says “F.T.W” and it is said to stand for “F*** The World” or “Forever Together, Wherever.” The only thing as important to them than their patches is their bike. There is a very distinct, strict riding style that they use when out on the road on their motorcycles. It is tight and dangerous, they ride 6 inches from the curb, 6 inches from the rear wheel of the other biker in front of them. Wadds says, “No one rides better than Diciples.” The reason they purposely misspell “diciples” is to further distance themselves from religion. If, for any reason, a member has to leave the group, it is a rule that they have to give up their bike back to the group. There are many rituals for the gang. Strict rules and practices have kept them out of the limelight and public eye for almost five decades. New recruits, or prospects, are hazed without mercy. Members of the gang will do or take whatever they want from them, whenever they want. They might show up to their house and take their possessions or “take their woman and sell them or beat them if they want,” says Wadds. When a new member is initiated, it is considered the first day of his life. Members are

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