Devils Highway Summary Essay

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The Devils Highway By Luis Urrea The book The Devil’s Highway by Luis Urrea is based on a true story. It tells the tragic story of a group of Mexican immigrants who try to cross the U.S border. Although many Mexicans have died in the desert trying to cross the border previously with this particular story is unique in that it was such a large group that traveled and so many of them died. The title of the book “Devils Highway” is the name of the part of the desert these men crossed which is known to be one of the most “deadliest regions on the continent” and has claimed the lives of many. (Urrea) In 1950 a man known as Francisco Salazar wrote that Devils Highway “….was a vast graveyard of unknown…show more content…
What the men didn’t know was that this was a new route and this was only the second time that Mendez had taken it. Many were getting captures as the Border Control caught on to their other routes forcing the ring to switch .The book vividly describes the torment they went through physically and mentally. The author describes the six stages of heat death in which all of these men experienced as the trudged though the killing desert heat. The book expresses the men’s anger, betrayal and desperation that felt. I am strongly against illegal immigrants entering this country as I feel it’s a big problem in our country. Especially the way I see they abuse the Welfare system at the expense of our tax dollars. However after reading this book I can’t help but empathize with these men and their families. You can give them nothing but respect once you know and understand what these men endured. We as Americans sometimes take for granted the economic strength our country has so how can we really blame them for wanting to come to our country. The book is written with compassion and emotion. The author Luis Alberto Urrea is a creative writing teacher at the University of Illinois at Chicago and lives outside Chicago. He is the author of Across the Wire and By The lake of Sleeping Children. He has received many awards for his work such as the American
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