Why Wales Voted For A Devolved Government

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Wales voted for a devolved government in 1997 winning by a narrow margin, similar to the 2016 referendum referring to Brexit. Many of those who questioned devolution are also skeptical of leaving the European Union. Devolution is a transfer of power from a central government to lower levels as, we’ve talked about in class. In this case, the Parliament of the United Kingdom granted powers to the National Assembly of Wales along with the other sub nations. This allows the government to be more involved and less centralized.

Before devolution in Wales, parliamentary debates were unreliable and cancelled for little to no reason. Welsh MP’s worked within an outdated system that prohibited their ability to make changes. The people want to keep a devolved government even if they secede from the EU. This form of government is closer to the people and allows them to interact, or have more of a say in the decisions being made, therefore it is highly significant to a majority of the citizens.
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Because it is a regional government, it focuses only on your countries need. I don’t know why someone would want form of government that doesn’t focus on the issues in their country. On the other hand, I don’t support Brexit. The EU is mostly just trying to bring Europe closer. They make it easier for Europeans to buy and sell since they control
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