Devolution and Survival in The Remember and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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As the world turns around and around, our knowledge increases. Everyday that passes by is one lost to the overflow of information in our unending world. Soon, all that we will have left will be an innumerous amount of useless information. We might be understanding how our world works, but does it cost us? As we focus on the way our world works, we lose contact with the things that matter the most. We start focusing on how to survive in our world that we forget to live it. In literary works, The Rememberer and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, both authors demonstrate the consequences of losing focus on what truly matters in life. Each main character follows a simply devolution, where they lose focus in life and become an unintelligent…show more content…
Ben warns Annie by saying, “Annie, don’t you see? We’re all getting too smart, our brains are just getting bigger and bigger, and the world dries up and dies when there’s too much thought and not enough heart,” (Bender 3). Ben constantly warns her; “We think far too much,” (Bender 4). Annie and Ben are unable to love each other due to the fact that they are constantly over thinking. Ben understands how the world is losing focus and he attempts to stop the world’s devolution. Benjamin’s society is also devolving. Everyone Benjamin meets is afraid of old age and dying. Each person is living a false life where they are acting more like animals rather then humans. Until each person meets Benjamin, they have not lived a full life. Elizabeth Abbott gave up on her dream and made nothing more of herself. During Daisy’s life she is afraid of growing old and pities herself. Benjamin’s father hates himself for giving up Benjamin. Captain Mike has a dream of being a true artist. Each person’s internal conflict is leading to their devolution, until Benjamin comes and saves them. Elizabeth is able to escape her devolution when she swims the English Channel. When Daisy leaves her dance world she stops her devolution by realizing that no one can be perfect forever. Everyone that Benjamin met was able to escape their devolutions by accepting their fears. Benjamin’s society starts learn how to love again and how to be more human once again. Ben realizes that his world is

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