Devon And Louise Dialectical Journal

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1.Devon is the main character of the story. We learn that Devon has been screwing his secretary Shanna. Devon gets numerous amounts of phone calls from Tracy, but declines them.

2.Devon tells his friend Liam, a Public Prosecutor about his sour marriage. He discloses information about his relationship with Liam. But most importantly, he alludes to the idea that his marriage isn’t all too well.

3.Liam advises Devon not to spend the night with Shanna, but instead go home. Devon insists that Liam drops him off to Shanna’s place.

4.Devon gets to Shanna’s place and gets a phone call from Tracy. He finally picks up the phone and realizes he doesn’t want to be with Shanna. Devon tells Shanna that he wants to end this affair, Shanna is not to fond of that idea. Devon leaves Shanna’s room and sleeps on the living room couch.
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Shanna attempts to kiss Devon, but Devon pushes her off. Shanna is mortified and angry at what Devon did. Infact she is in denial and believes that Devon loves her.

6.Shanna kidnaps Tracy and forces her to pick up the children from school. Shanna leaves the kids in the car and stabs Tracy numerous times in the Well’s residence. Shanna insists that if Devon contacts the police that his children can possibly be killed.

7. Devon is confused and stuck and doesn’t know exactly what to do. The police bring him into an interrogation room to investigate the incident. Devon surrenders and reveals to the police what Shanna has done.

8. Devon and authorities create a plan to catch Shanna. Devon tells Shanna that he is sorry for disrespecting her and using her . When authorities sabotage the meeting Shanna, she gets
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