Devoted Son Analysis

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The media does not always provide the appropriate information necessary for kids to make their own decisions. The book Black Hawk Down gives us a gruesome experience of war from every perspective. The author of this book, Mark Bowden, traveled around the world to get the different points of views of the people who witnessed or participated in the battle of Mogadishu in 1992. Treat people the way you want to be treated is an influential quote that applies profoundly to the story “A Devoted Son.” The author, Anita Desai, writes about respect in her story a “A Devoted Son.” Desai was born in Mussoorie, and she writes her stories about how Indian society has collided with modernity In the story A Devoted Son she writes about a kid being respectful even though everyone is modernizing, not caring about their family. The author, Desai, uses Motifs to therefore create a theme of respect. She uses the motifs, son, father, and family to show the theme of respect. The motif of son shows a theme of respect primarily because the son is consistently being respectful to his father. The son, Rakesh, also the protagonist is respectful to his father in the toughest occasions. Rakesh bows down and touches his father's feet when he wakes, in India this is a sign of respect, bowing down to your elders and touching their feet. “[F]ather sat sipping his morning tea and [Rakesh] bowed down to his feet” (Desai 533). Before doing anything Rakesh bows down and touches his father's feet, because he is respectful. The son, Rakesh, devoted his life to his father, being respectful in the toughest of times. He tries to do everything that will please his father. “Devoted son and a miraculously good natural man” (Desai 535). This excerpt describes Rakesh, stating that he respects his father and devotes his life to him. Another example of Rakesh being respectful is when he goes off to the USA for school and returns. People in his town said to his parents that he will not return, however Rakesh returned to India. “He actually returned to that small yellow house” (Desai 534), Rakesh respected his parents and returned back home to them.In the story the motif of father was predominant in the story as well as the son. The Father created a theme of
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