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DEVRY ACCT 571 COMPLETE COURSE IF You Want To Purchase A+ Work then Click The Link Below For Instant Down Load IF You Face Any Problem Then E Mail Us At JOHNMATE1122@GMAIL.COM DEVRY ACCT 571 COMPLETE COURSE DISCUSSIONS , QUIZES, LABS AND ASSIGNMENTS WEEK 1 PROCESSING DATA AND USING INFORMATION (GRADED) Describe the type of data your current or former employer processes and correlate for us how those data are transformed into information. Is it a mostly manual process or an automated process? In terms of system integration (or lack thereof), discuss how any comprehensive reports prepared for decision makers are compiled by your company, past or present.…show more content…
WEEK 6 AUDITING & THE REA MODEL (GRADED) Discuss how REA diagrams might be useful to auditors in understanding a client’s business processes. What if the client hasn’t prepared them in advance? What basic steps would the auditor perform to compile the information necessary to build he diagram himself or herself? Does that time investment produce large enough benefits to the auditor? Explain your answer. UNIQUE REA DIAGRAMS (GRADED) Discuss why there cannot be one basic REA diagram that would work for all businesses. What might be some areas that could be similar from business to business? Select either the company for which you work or one that interests you. Describe the business processes that are unique to that company or industry that would require special handling in an REA diagram. WEEK 7 ROLE OF ACCOUNTANT IN AIS (GRADED) Discuss what you believe to be the appropriate level of involvement of an accountant in evaluating and selecting an AIS vendor and the AIS itself. What are some of the contributions an accountant might offer in this process? CONVERSION APPROACHES (GRADED) Using the company for which you work or one in which you are interested, choose the conversion approach you would use if the company purchased a new AIS. Explain your choice, including the benefits. Discuss how you envision the testing process. ILAB – MS ACCESS Do Problem 4.4 on page 110. Here are the WK 2 MS Access Lab

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