Devry Eng 135 Week 1

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How can I prevent identity theft?

Some of the things you can do and not a victim yet is to monitor your credit and keeping your information safe. We talked about not only making sure your information is safe when you’re out in the public, such as only carrying one credit card when you really need it, not carrying your social security card and birth certificate just to name a few, We don’t need to have these things with us everyday. Just keep the common
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Many people receive unsolicited mail offering preapproved credit cards, but throw this mail away. Criminals can use this information to activate and use the credit card.
The Internet has vastly expanded the opportunities for identity theft. A particularly prevalent form of cyber theft is known as phishing. This occurs when cybercriminals use spam, e-mail, or other messages to trick people into submitting personal information. As phishing has become more sophisticated, criminals have developed ways to gain access to such data merely by having the user click on the link. Phishers often pool stolen information and sell it on the black market via online forums. Max Ray Vision ran one such site, When Vision was arrested in 2007, computers in his home contained some 1.8 million stolen credit card and bank account numbers. This information allowed Vision and his associates to make more than $86 million in fraudulent purchases.
Hackers can gain access to the computer records of banks, credit card companies, hospitals, merchants, universities, government agencies, and other organizations. Though such breaches occur much more rarely than phishing, even one instance can give the hacker access to millions of people’s personal data, including Social Security numbers, birth certificates, driver’s license numbers, health records, employment records, and financial information. The FBI reports that, since

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