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Investigate the History of Slavery and Discuss the ways in which this history Impacts Contemporary Society. HUMN: 303N Week 8 Final Essay The history of slavery has majorly impacted contemporary society as well as the ways in which we live. Ever since slavery was abolished in the United States, equality has been spread amongst African Americans throughout the world. This was achieved by the African Americans themselves, with their strong effort in fighting for what they felt was right. Following their strong attempts, “A terrible price had to be paid, in a tragic, calamitous civil war, before the new democracy could be rid of that most undemocratic institution” (G. Loury, 2015). A huge part of this time period was the Civil Rights…show more content…
The death rate of slaves increased massively, considering most to all of them were lacking sufficient nutrients they needed in their bodies. Young children and infants were especially effected, as well as their parents. Overall, Steven captures the lives of slaves, and how negatively they were affected by the conditions of their jobs, as well as their environment and surroundings. The start of slavery began in Ancient Greece and Rome, and then changed to serfdom in medieval times. Around the 1500s, as people began to reach the Americas, Native Americans were taken for coerced labor, but were really slaves, in which they did not get any pay. African kingdoms had slaves in their societies, but Europeans, such as the Portuguese, began to take African peoples and bring them to the new world to be used as slaves. This continued on until the Civil War, as mentioned before, in which African Americans were slaves or indentured servants. This affects today’s society because it perpetuates the idea that blacks are inferior, which is why there is still a very prevalent idea of racism against African Americans in society. An example of this is the public reaction to the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown killings. “A large portion of the public believed, and desperately wanted to believe, that Black teenagers were automatically "thugs" and deserved to die for posting snapshots of themselves trying to look

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