Devry Mgmt 404 Week 7 Quiz - 2015

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Devry MGMT 404 Week 7 Quiz - 2015

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MGT404 quiz 7 If it cost two dollars today to buy a server, then it will cost three dollars tomorrow to buy the same server. Senior management has said this project will cost $10,000. The consulting company doing the work estimates the work to cost $40,000. A 100-square foot building costs $1100; therefore, a 1000-square foot building should cost $11000. Question 2. 2.(TCO 6) You are the project manager of a major IT project in Italy. You review your
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Provide examples of each step. (Points : 20)

Question 4. 4.(TCO 8) Compare and contrast Tuckman’s five stages in group formation to the punctuated equilibrium model of group formation. (Points : 20)

Question 5. 5.(TCO 9) Compare and contrast project control in an agile environment and in a traditional environment. (Points : 20)

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