Dewar Chemical Company

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INTRODUCTION DEWAR Chemical Company is a new startup company with 100 employees. Twenty of those employees will be assigned to the information technology (IT) department. The CIO, which is also included in the twenty employees assigned to the IT department, has been tasked by the CEO to implement a secure information technology environment to include the creation of a network infrastructure, disaster recovery, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, track regulatory information in reference to the products sold, storing and backing up the data, and have the ability to accept credit card payments. In this IT system, the company will be enable to take of broadband internet access an increasing efficient option involves remote access support, while solving IT issues over the phone and provide remote support of enrolled for the service. Furthermore, they will have technical support to troubleshoot IT related issues such as install/re-install software, configure and install hardware and networking equipment and set-up new PC's (IT Support Services, 2012). IT SYSTEMS Within this information technology can be stated DEWAR CHEMICAL COMPANY Inc. will be a leader in information technology in the United States and worldwide. Operating globally under the DEWAR CHEMICAL COMPANY brand, DEWAR CHEMICAL COMPANY will be recognized as the leading worldwide provider of information technology for businesses and the leading U.S. provider of wireless, high speed Internet access.
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