Dewey 's Theory Of Education Essay

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Wow! I have so much to say about what I just read. However, I will try to keep my thoughts concise. Main points- 1. Dewey 's Theory ( Philosophy of Education) I wrote about my theorist that had influenced me in the classroom being Lev Vygotsky. However, I have been influenced by many. One being John Dewey. He is very controversial in some of his thoughts and theories. However, I agree that today 's educators probably respond better to his theories because our world, society, and classrooms are changing every day! Educators are becoming more open to student-centered classrooms and realize that hands-on experiences and interacting with others help children learn and help with life skills. As children interact with one another they can become culturally diverse with others. Children are changing just like our schools have changed over the years and the delivery of the lessons should be changing along with the society. Relate lessons to the child 's experiences and let them create new experiences. There are parts of Dewey 's theory, I definitely still disagree with because I am extremely religious and I do believe there are God-given guidelines for human conduct and development. With that being said, his work in education shouldn 't be ignored. 2. Teaching in a Challenging World-(Foundations of American Education) We do teach in a challenging world and teaching is constantly changing. I believe it is important for teachers to continue to receive education and professional
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