Dexter-Personal Narrative

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My name is Dexter. White male. Bald. Dimples all over my body. Age: right out of the box. The guy in the fancy clothes just set me on a stick that was shoved in the ground. I looked around me, wondering what life had in store for me. I saw people, all around, staring at the man who had set me on my tee.
I saw something coming swiftly at me, in a manner that seemed likely to hit me. I blinked, and at that same moment, I was flying through the air, everything growing smaller and smaller. It felt great to soar through the sky; now I knew why I had those dimples that I hated so much. I was falling down now, swiftly, and I could see a soft, green looking area with a flag near the oval end. Obviously, something important. A sharp wind drove me towards
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“Dexter, O coveted hole-in-one, come forth to me.”
“Where are you, sir?” I asked anxiously. As yet, I could see nothing, except my body laying miles above me.
“Oh, sorry there. Your older brothers, (with a pause here for a stern look), neglected again to bestow a younger with eyes to see our lower realm.”
And immediately, I could no longer see my cold body above, but now saw thousands of others who had passed to this better place before me: neon colored golf balls, dirty golf balls, clean golf balls – there was a sea of them.
However, immediately before me sat, or rolled, a larger ball, who was not made of the same material as me. Actually, now that I saw him, he looked more like a roundish rock.
“Dexter, I am your king. I have been here for thousands of games of golf, for indeed, I was the very first Golf ball. I have called for you, and you have come. I will now give you the gift of
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I rolled to the right, then to the left- and perhaps best of all, I jumped! I was so happy, that I rolled as fast as I could. I was stopped short however, when Mr. Rock spoke again.
“You have now come down to us, and been given eyesight and rolling. Now, give back to us.”
I, like I said before, stopped rolling.
“W-what do you mean, Sir Roundish Rock?”
There were embarrassed giggles all around me.
“You, Dexter, O hole-in-one, may call me First. For I am the First Golf Ball. As to what I want you to give back to us, I want you to share what you saw up there. It helps us down here feel younger.”
So I told them everything, from when I had my first feeling, back at the factory, to when I met my box-buddies, to when my first box-buddy was chosen and taken away, and about the time I too, was chosen. I told them of my flight, (they seemed embarrassed to hear me talk about it; I guess since I was so exposed, up there and all), and then I told them what seemed to be their favorite part: my glorious, plinking fall. Then they told me of the huge racket the fans made, and the way the man in fancy clothes acted. All this, however, I could never quite
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