Dexter Symbolism

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Dexter is a serial killer who kills murders and other criminals. He works for Miami- Dade Police Department as a forensics analyst. Dexter finds out that his girlfriend, Rita, is pregnant. They purchase a home together so they have more room for the two other children and the one on the way. Dexter meets up with an old colleague that has a new theory on a series of murders. Special Agent Frank Lundy tells dexter that there is someone killing people in groups of threes starting with a bathtub murder, then a middle aged woman jumping to her death, then a bludgeoning. Lundy wants the help of Dexter to find this man he calls the Trinity Killer (Rotten Tomatoes).
Dexter’s sister, Deb, and Lundy become very close and begin a secretive relationship. Lundy gets shot and dies and Dexter collects all of the
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Dexter portrays him as a family man, but also a killer. Dexter strives to be like Arthur because he wants to keep his wife and children happy and safe from all danger that may come from what he does. Dexter is a psychopath with a need to kill and cannot give up killing even though he has a family. Dexter also feels the urge to help those in need like when he helped Arthur cope with his losses. Arthur also symbolizes the dangers that come from being around a killer and also the dangers that come from befriending another killer. Dexter lost his wife because of his uncontrollable urge to kill. If he had killed Arthur as he had all of the other killers, Dexter would still have his wife (Dexter).
The series, Dexter, is written to entertain. The audience is meant to see the life a killer and the struggles that the killer must go through in order to stay out of prison and to live a normal life. The creator of the show includes a different killer in every season that poses a problem to Dexter. Each of the killers are taken out by Dexter and over the course of the entire series, more is revealed about Dexter until he is nearly caught
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