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Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Family & Children Services The Problems and Resolutions to Correct The Georgia Department of Human Services [DHS] has many divisions that are to assist the people of the State of Georgia with different necessities they may need. For instance, there is the Division of Aging Services that caters specifically to the elderly and to report elder abuse. With a total of three divisions and eight offices, this specific department also houses the Division of Family and Children Services [DFCS]. These representatives and workers do what they can by all means necessary when it comes to the care and welfare of children of the state. However, there are times when they fall short of their jobs…show more content…
The cases they handle come from some of everywhere, but mostly law enforcement who is the first that are called when dealing with a situation involving a child. It cannot be simply said that more workers are needed. That is an obvious statement. Bringing in more workers does necessitate more work being done. The process in which workers are hired should be looked at to see what clarifications can be done as far as job requirements and duties. Currently, there are caseworkers who do their jobs accordingly when they are able. It just does not seem to be enough. They are doing the bare minimum in order to make sure that they avoid any specific ramifications that may result from them doing less than what is necessary. Being a DFCS worker is not a job that should be seeing just the bare minimum when there are lives at stake. A visit is made to the home to inquire about any other children who are present and may have or are currently experiencing the same treatment as the deceased child. Once the determination has been met and the caseworker makes their claims, one of two things can happen: the children are removed and placed with relatives or emergency foster care or the home is continually monitored and the parents are required to attend classes and check in with their caseworker. This is the ideal plan of action. Still, this is not always the case. It is sad to say that a death has to come out for parents to reach out for help. It’s even worse to say
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