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AB Hi-Fi is a multi-store retail business that sells products such as DVDs, CDs, mp3 players, game consoles and TVs. In addition, AB Hi-Fi also sells music, games and DVDs via its website. AB Hi-Fi has a central warehouse that is located in Melbourne. All products purchased by the business are delivered to this central warehouse. The narrative of the production cycle and sales and revenue cycle are as follows. When product designers create and save a new product specification, the computer automatically generates and sends a message to the product planning clerk to advise them of the new product. The product planning clerk inputs the new product number into the computer and requests the computer to print a copy of the relevant product…show more content…
The computer creates and prints a report listing current finished goods inventory items. The production planning clerk manually estimates the finished goods levels for the end of current month by adding together the current inventory level and the volume on the master production plan for each product. After the predicted total on hand for the month-end has been determined the production planning clerk compares this to the forecasted demand to identify which products will be under or overproduced. The production planning clerk uses this information, along with their knowledge of the various production machinery constraints and the priorities assigned by sales forecasting staff, to determine the day-by-day monthly production schedule. The production planning clerk inputs the data to create the production planning schedule. After the monthly production planning schedule has been created the computer automatically updates the master planning schedule and prints a revised copy of this master schedule for the production planning clerk to file. The computer automatically extracts the bill of materials data for each product on the day-to-day monthly production schedule, and then calculates the total raw materials required for that month’s production along with the dates those materials are required. The computer compares the raw materials requirements to the raw materials available and
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