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For the DOS 3/21/2016-The patient was here for f/u on her last visit that was on 12/8/2015(lower back pain) the patient never said that she was here for F/U labs results for her Papsmear that she get done on 11/09/2015. The patient discuss with the provider about STI and future pregnancy and on that moment the provider advise the patient about her pap labs results. Unfurtanaly we can't FWD the visit to the SFL program b/c their Fiscal year just end. I think we can adjust the visit to the TITLE X program b/c the provider did a STI test on this visit. The provider don't add the procedure for the STI test but is notated on the patient office notes. For the DOS 6/17/2016-The patient was here for Colpo labs results.The visit never was on Hold
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