Dgs Is More Advantageous Than Pbg Or Ebg Structures

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DGS is more advantageous than PBG or EBG structures: (1) For implementing EBG structures, a very large area is required to implement the periodic pattern and it is also very difficult to define the unit element of EBG structure whereas DGS structures has properties similar to EBG and the geometry of DGS can be one or very few etched structures which is very simpler and also does not require large area for implementation of it. (2) DGS can be easily designed and implemented. It has higher precision with rectangular shaped defect structures. Therefore it is very good option to extend its practical applications. In my project, I have designed and simulated microstrip patch antenna at operating frequency 2.4GHz using HFSS software .It has Substrate (FR4) having dielectric constants of 4.4.I have designed single patch antenna without DGS, 2x1 array antenna and 4x1 array antenna without DGS ,4x1 array antenna with DGS (Dumbbell shaped , Double Circular shaped, E-shaped) and analyze the results. I analyze that I god improved results in 4x1 array antenna configuration with E-shaped DGS structure in terms of Voltage Standing Wave Ratio of 1.12, Return loss of -22.12 dB, Bandwidth of 404 MHz, Gain of 7 dB etc. 1.1 Problem Statement : Design Microstrip array antenna with Improved DGS structure for Performance Improvement. 1.2 Objectives 1) Design a single patch antenna at operating frequency 2.4 GHz. 2) Design Array antenna of two by one

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