Dhl Strategic Marketing Managment

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Basic Information of DHL Worldwide Express Author: John A. Quelch, Greg Conley Publisher: HBR Case Number: 9-593-011 Publication Date: Sep 10, 1992 Revision Date: Nov 24, 1997 Course Category: Marketing Case Summary of DHL Worldwide Express Ali Sarrahfzadeh, DHL’s worldwide sales and marketing manager, had to present his recommendations on pricing at DHL’s annual director’s meeting. Options: Pricing Strategy – Price leadership, charge premium prices and aim to deliver superior value-added services in all markets OR market response, setting prices independently in each country, according to customer usage patterns and competitive pressures. Pricing Structure – Weekly or monthly handling fee? Same price charged…show more content…
2. How does DHL set prices? -3 pricing approaches: • Monthly flat fee, where DHL automatically visited customer daily. o No volume discount. • Frequently discount structure, based on volume (based on forecast demand). • Nominal fee for pick-up or could drop off at DHL office. 3. What are the pricing changes facing DHL? Moving to a consistent worldwide pricing structure, as opposed to regional pricing which would better gauge customer usage patterns and competitive pressures. 4. Should DHL offer worldwide pricing contracts? Why, or why not? External Link of DHL Worldwide Express Relevent File Cabinet of DHL Worldwide Express Article Purchase Link of DHL Worldwide Express Categories: Management |

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