Diabetes: 7th Leading Cause Of Death

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Diabetes, also referred to as diabetes mellitus is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States of America each year. Diabetes is diagnosed when a person has too much blood glucose. People can have a high blood sugar due to not producing enough insulin, or the body cannot properly react to the insulin. People with diabetes often have a couple of similar symptoms including frequent urination, thirstiness, hungriness, blurry vision, fatigue, slow healing of wounds, and tingling in hands and/or feet. There are two types of diabetes diagnosed as type one or type two. An individual has type one diabetes when their body doesn’t produce insulin. An individual has type two diabetes when their body doesn’t produce adequate insulin for the body’s…show more content…
The rareness of type one diabetes is decreasing as there was a 21% increase in type one diabetes over the years of 2001-2009. People usually develop type one diabetes as a teenager or young-adult. Type one diabetes is also known as juvenile-onset diabetes. Scientists do not have a definite reasoning behind the development of diabetes but there are a couple of triggers that can lead to type one diabetes including: bad genes, some viruses, and a poor, unhealthy diet from youth. People with type one diabetes must take insulin injections for the rest of their lives. Insulin injections are not a cure for the disease, but a person living with a healthy diet and taking insulin can live their lives…show more content…
If you do not treat hyperglycemia quickly, you can go into a diabetic coma known as ketoacidosis. Symptoms of ketoacidosis include shortness of breath, fruity breath, nausea, vomiting, and dry mouth. People with symptoms of ketoacidosis should seek treatment at a local hospital or a life-threatening coma could occur. Some symptoms of hypoglycemia can be shakiness, anxiety, clamminess and sweating, confusion, fast heartbeat, and many more. Severe hypoglycemia can cause death and it should be treated by consuming glucose until blood sugar levels are back up to normal. Both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are life-threatening and should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Diabetes is also linked to developing cardiovascular disease more often. Hypertension and diabetes are usually linked together and if a patient has both, their risks of cardiovascular disease doubles. People with diabetes can also have abnormal cholesterol amounts ranging from high to low. Smokers with diabetes should immediately stop smoking if they want to save their bodies. Smoking increases your chance of having a stroke and cardiovascular disease with
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