Diabetes : A Healthy Body

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In a healthy body, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose which is necessary to survive. Glucose is blood sugar and is used in more than one way throughout the body, for example providing fuel for the brain, providing energy for the body and essential to create proteins. The pancreas creates a hormone, insulin, which helps the body store glucose, when it is not being used, in the liver, muscles and fat cells, ready to be turned into energy as the body needs it. When somebody’s supply of insulin doesn’t have the ability to store glucose, it means that they have diabetes. Because the prospect of storing is no longer an option, glucose remains in the blood system, building up to severely high levels.
Diabetes is all linked back to sugar. The full name, diabetes mellitus, means ‘passing through honey sweet.’ So the fact that diabetic people have sugary, sweeter urine is no surprise. One of the first signs of diabetes is the need to frequently urinate large amounts of sugary pee. In the past, Chinese doctors used to determine whether or not somebody had diabetes or even monitoring those who did by checking if ants were attracted to that person’s urine. Diabetes has been split into two major types. In Type 1 diabetes, the cells within the pancreas that produce insulin have been targeted by the body’s defense system, wrongly identified as a threat. Because insulin is no longer produced, Type 1 is treated by a daily dose of insulin and careful monitoring of blood sugar…

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