Diabetes : A Leading Cause Of Death Around The World

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As the seventh leading cause of death around the world, Diabetes is a debilitating disease that affects millions of people every year (American Diabetes Association). Diabetes causes the body to fail in regulating glucose which can lead to fatal consequences. The importance of glucose lies in its use as an energy source in the body, accounting for a significant portion of a person’s health. Failure in regulating glucose levels can allow glucose to build up in your blood which can lead to future health problems if it is not treated. There are three types of Diabetes that a person could be diagnosed with. The three types are: type 1 which includes chronic conditions, type 2 which can lead to death and Gestational diabetes which affects…show more content…
Those diagnosed with type 2 are usually recommended to follow the procedure that those with type 1 follow in addition to a strict program of losing weight and exercising regularly. Although type 2 affects the majority of the world’s population that are diagnosed with diabetes, Gestational diabetes can have life changing effects for more than just the person diagnosed with it (MediLexicon International). Gestational diabetes is usually diagnosed during the pregnancy of a woman. The affected women have high levels of blood glucose which cannot be compensated by insulin from the body resulting in increased levels of glucose. Reworded from the MediLexicon source, around ten to twenty percent of affected women need to take regulating medication in order to prevent complications at their child’s birth. Complications can happen if the diabetes is not properly treated in time. Pregnant women are at most risk of Gestational diabetes if they were on a high animal fat or cholesterol diet. Although it may not get as much attention as the other two types of diabetes, Gestational diabetes is caused by similar circumstances to those that cause type 1 and type 2 (MediLexicon International). Both types of diabetes are caused by a lack of insulin that is later destroyed by the immune system. Reworded from the Mayo Clinic source, insulin is produced by the Pancreas which is then sent into the bloodstream. The
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