Diabetes : A Long Period Of Time

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For a long period of time, diabetes has been perceived as a destructive and deadly disease. But what is diabetes? “Diabetes a condition in which the body does not accurately process food to use as energy. A large portion of the food we eat is converted into glucose, or sugar, for our bodies energy use. The pancreas is an organ that lies close to the stomach which makes a hormone called insulin to help glucose go inside the cells of our bodies. When a person has diabetes, their body either doesn 't make enough insulin or can 't utilize its own insulin as it ought to. Thus causing sugar to accumulate in their blood. Diabetes can lead to serious chronic diseases such as heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, and even amputations (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention n.d., p.1). Although people have been aware of diabetes for thousands of years, we have to look at the discoveries over the ages which have prompted today 's understanding of diabetes. Diabetes has a long historical record dating back to as early as 1500 B.C.E. Diabetes was initally recognized in 1552 B.C.E. by the Egyptian physician Hesy-Ra, who thought that it was an uncommon condition in which a person urinated excessively and shed pounds (Polonsky, 2012). Ancient Hindu works noted that ants were attracted to the urine of people with a puzzling disease (Swidorski 2014). In 250 B.C., Apollonius of Memphis is credited with instituting the term “diabetes”, meaning to experience, or siphon, for a disease…
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